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Are you a culture-sensitive thinker? Are you looking for new perspectives on the way we relate to the world, today? Then our Community is definitely for you.

Joining is free and you would would be able to learn a lot:


  • Practice how to collaborate better with people that think alike and unlike you

  • Have access to our reports and new knowledge about contemporary culture, even before it goes public

  • Get discounts in our print media and other products we may offer

  • Be eligible for 1:1 mentoring for research, design research, critical thinking and other related skills.

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We are forming a coalition of culture-sensitive researchers. You have access to valuable information and can contribute when there is a matching call.


The project methodology has been designed with your needs in mind:


  • Your time commitment can be very light, and we work asynchronously from anywhere in the world

  • You are more than welcome to bring previous research, to be utilized (and formally cited in our reports)

  • You are featured in our reports as an author, in ISBN-ready publications and peer-reviewed sections

  • You become part of a vibrant community connecting researchers, movers, shakers and other agents of change

  • You are eligible to join our 'report tours' on podcasts, conferences, news coverage and other venues.

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Your company can make a real difference in the level of inclusion, diversity and integration of the societies you operate in.

By supporting Geist, you are able to contribute to a community of knowledge committed to diversity and dialogue about the most meaningful cultural topics of our time.

Our community, our events and our publications truly show the power of diverse collaboration.

Become our supporter! We will contact you and tailor a model that works for your budget, your expectations and our shared values.

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Geist is building a network of researchers and culture-sensitive thinkers interested in culture, design and technology.


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