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The Geist Reports

Experience foresight — The Nordics — 2024-2034

Our series of foresight reports focus on one market, and each volume on one aspect of our experience. 
The first series is about the upcoming experience of technology in the Nordics countries.
Our reports are free of charge.

Smart hospitals, telehealth, AI.

What dreams and nightmares can we expect?


A foresight report on technological experiences in health in the Nordics, 2024–2034.

With over 50+ insights on "Requests from the future" — what companies may ask from creative minds in the upcoming 10 years — the book takes the user's experience of the world as an object of study.

This postphenomenological approach to experience design is backed by real-world market data, established strategic frameworks and the inquisitive nature of design, augmented by synthetic hypotheses created by AI.

An essential reading for designers, strategists and innovators aiming to create new meaningful experiences.

Free PDF download 

€9.90 Kindle Edition, free for Kindle Unlimited

€14.90 Paperback on Amazon


Next publications

Work, study, balance, good vibes, ambition, productivity.


Welcome to the Nordic brain gym.This study captures the transformation of work and education in the Nordic region, examining the impact of digitalization and AI on learning environments and workspaces. It provides insights into the future of productivity, skill development, and the evolving nature of work-life balance, offering strategic foresight for designers and educators.

PDF, 165 x 225 mm, 175 pages approx.

Game on.


Your ticket to the Nordic playgrounds of 2034. We dive into the future of leisure and entertainment, exploring how emerging technologies will redefine the Nordic experience of relaxation and play. This analysis considers the cultural implications of tech-driven leisure, assessing how virtual and augmented realities will shape social interactions and individual leisure pursuits.

PDF, 165 x 225 mm, 175 pages approx.


The self, present and future.


This exploration focuses on how technology shapes self-identity and personal expression in the Nordics. It examines the influence of digital platforms on self-perception and community dynamics, providing valuable insights for designers looking to create technologies that resonate on a personal and cultural level.

PDF, 165 x 225 mm, 175 pages approx.

Room, house, city, planet.


Investigate the future of living spaces and environmental interaction in the Nordic region. This study offers a comprehensive look at the integration of smart technologies in homes and cities, assessing their impact on sustainability, community building, and the overall quality of life.

PDF, 165 x 225 mm, 175 pages approx.


The serious talk about access to information.


Analyze the evolving relationship between people and information in the Nordics, highlighting the role of technology in shaping access, consumption, and trust in information. This study is crucial for understanding the future of digital literacy, media consumption, and data privacy.

PDF, 165 x 225 mm, 175 pages approx.

Loving one another in the 21st century.


Explore the future of interpersonal relationships and social connectivity in the Nordic context. This analysis provides a thoughtful examination of how technology mediates human connections, offering strategic insights for those looking to foster meaningful digital interactions.

PDF, 165 x 225 mm, 175 pages approx.


Our series on Nordic countries are expected to roll out during 2024.


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