Sérgio Tavares

MA, PhD, Culture & Technology
Lead Designer at frog Helsinki

I'm a lead designer at frog Finland, and I hold an MA and a PhD in Culture and Technology. Born in Brazil, after finishing my bachelor's in Media and Communication, in Rio de Janeiro, I moved to Scandinavia. I landed in Finland, were I got my Master's and, later, my Doctoral degree in Culture and Technology at the University of Jyväskylä, in a partner program of the Nordic Digital Culture Network.

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Jana Pejoska

Researcher | Open Data, Ethics & Transparency in Design, University of Helsinki

I’m a design researcher in digital culture, an investigator of the human experiences mediated by technology. In this vast field, my current interests revolve around  Posthuman and Speculative design, exploring human-technology relations, investigating the intersection of trust, data, agency and openness, and developing novel  communication and collaboration cultures.

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