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Geist's "Body Snatchers" Report: Press Release.

Revolutionary Publication on Nordic Health and Technology

Geist Media and Geist Institute proudly announce the release of "Body Snatchers: The promise and perils of health and technology in the Nordics", a cutting-edge report blending design, strategy, market trends, and postphenomenology. Authored by Sérgio Tavares and augmented with the help of OpenAI's GPT-4, this publication provides a forward-looking analysis of health and technology in the Nordic region from 2024-2034.

A fresh, nerdy-but-cool pproach

"Body Snatchers" offers a unique perspective on the interplay of technology and human experience. It delves into how technology shapes cultures and daily lives, focusing on the ‘sweet spot’ where market growth meets cultural opportunity. This book is not just an analytical report but also a strategic guide that encourages designers and strategists to contemplate the deeper implications of their work in the context of significant global challenges.

Comprehensive Framework for Analysis

The report introduces a comprehensive framework encompassing four critical dimensions: experience, strategy, foresight, and design. This framework aids in understanding user needs, market movements, and potential innovations, making it an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to create impactful and ethical designs in health technology.

Cultural Openness and Technological Acceptance

A standout feature of the report is its synthetic assessment of the Nordic countries' openness to technology, particularly in the health sector. It provides insights into the region's receptivity to wearables, health monitoring devices, and HealthTech platforms, highlighting the balance between technological innovation and ethical considerations.

International Relevance and Case Studies

The report's relevance extends beyond the Nordics, offering insights applicable globally. It includes case studies of successful health technology companies like Oura Ring, Corti AI, and Doctrin, illustrating the practical application of the report's concepts and principles.

Edge Cases: Innovative Features in Nordic Health Tech

"Body Snatchers" also explores innovative features in Nordic health tech services, including AI-powered mental health chatbots, personalized nutrition planning, remote health monitoring, tele-rehabilitation programs, and digital health records secured with blockchain technology. These examples underscore the potential for technology to revolutionize healthcare and well-being.

Availability and Support

This groundbreaking report is available for free download, offering valuable insights to a broad audience. To support Geist's nonprofit initiatives, readers are encouraged to purchase a Kindle copy or paperback on Amazon, priced between 10 to 15 euros. Available worldwide, this purchase not only provides a tangible copy of the report but also contributes to the ongoing research and publication efforts of Geist in the field of design, culture, and technology.

For further information and to download the report, visit

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