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The study approaches the topic by questioning how technological tools in which designers operate end up shaping and perpetuating design work.

The methodological frame proposed, Culture Coding, promotes ways of thinking and collaborating that counteract such biases and expand the opportunities for new perspectives and challenge assumptions that often go unnoticed.

The article was co-authored by Eva Durall (Interact, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Oulu University, Oulu, Finland), Merja Bauters (School of Digital Technologies, Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia) and Teemu Leinonen (Department of Media, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland).

More information on the publisher's website.

The American University in Bulgaria, a known innovation think tank in Bulgaria, has invited Geist co-founder Sérgio Tavares to participate in their TEDx on April, 2023.

The event in centered around the theme Shaping Utopia, and Sérgio's talk should address the intricate confluence between about misinformation, critical awareness and our belief systems.

More information on the event website.

A new study has just come out from Taylor and Francis' The Design Journal, authored by Jane Vita, co-founder at Geist.

The article brings to question the dilemma of co-creation, and opens a discussion with several experts on the limits and opportunities of design collaboration in companies.

Experts were asked to bring their perspective on how collaboration has affected their careers as designers, how familiar they are with participatory methods, the biggest challenges in collaboration and their best practices for design collaboration.

The study is available on the publisher's website.

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