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Geist Dialogues

The purposeful conversations we need to have

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Geist Dialogues bring perspectives about today's most pressing cultural issues

What is the gap between how we feel and look on Instagram? How do we relate to our homes, cities and planet?

What makes us feel accomplished at work?


We are hosting and documenting the conversations we need to have about the world around us.

Co-working space

We are looking for culture-sensitive experts — who want to be heard! 

There is not a restrictive criteria for participation, as long as you are able to bring part of the zeitgeist — that, is the spirit of times — into the conversation.

You may be a practitioner at a specific trade, a specialised professional, an academic researcher, a community leader, an activist or a representative of certain minority. We are looking for the good trouble of radical diversity.

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The Finland

As our current research focus is Finland, we are only accepting local contributors. You don't need to be Finnish, nor speak Finnish. But you should be immersed at what is going on now in Finland. 

Check here other forms of participation.
Dialogues happen in Helsinki, Finland, at Aalto Design Factory.

Co-working space
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Examples that may be a good fit for participation


  • Students whose methodological queries and specific questions pertain the way we feel about health, technology and psychological states

  • Researchers who have interesting empirical data about cultural trends in health and technology

  • Designers, consultants, market researchers working directly with user needs, internet culture, consumer trends and other behavioral observations at scale

  • Small, medium and big entrepreneurs dealing with related topics of health, well-being, nutrition, fitness and related industries

  • Psychologists, nutritionists, sport coaches with strong practice in dieting, exercise, sports and physical activity

  • Nature, outdoors, hiking and active lifestyle enthusiasts with a proven track of engagement or leadership

  • Nurses, doctors, pediatricians, health professionals, care givers and other activities directed related to wide public observation

  • Other professions or activities that relate to wide audiences in related topics.


In doubt? Write us, you may fit the profile!

Share cultural signals, in a safe and structured environment

We are not seeking consensus, but multitudes.


Our focus is local, but diverse: our main contributors are culture-sensitive experts of related fields to the cultural dimension being discussed.

Our sessions happen at Aalto University's Design Factory, around the topic.


From discussions to bookstores, and beyond

Each Dialogue will be published as a separate report. In addition to the session insights, researchers will make sense of the ideas and designer will help to structure the volume.

The books also feature contributors' profiles, selected previous works, directly citable content, clusters of interest in our current, conclusions about the shifts in our cultural values, speculative futures for the topic, and more.


Geist members get complete online access to our resources and a 15% discount when purchasing the paperback.


What will participants get out of it?

A lot! Some of the main takeaways for those participating:

  • Learn a practical dialogue framework for inclusive and fruitful discussion,

  • Become familiar with a strong network of like-minded experts in adjacent fields of your own

  • Have your Dialogue contribution published in our publications, both in print and as online, without need of extra writing

  • Include your previous research (if you have some) in our reading material, and have it cited in our 

  • Participate in our roadshow, in podcasts, news appearances, workshops and masterclasses

  • Access to data from our upcoming research projects

  • Develop your insights into further research on our upcoming research projects

  • Spell out your truth: no judgement!

Interested in joining our Dialogues in contributing some other way?

Hit the button to check all our open calls, or join as a subscriber.

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