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New book / Call for participation
A designerly way of documenting culture

Open call for authors!

Are you a designer fascinated by people and their behaviors? Do you find yourself observing intriguing interactions and cultural cues? And do you feel like authoring a book on the topic?


We're looking for authors like you to contribute to the project. Join a community exploring world's cafes through the unique lens of sociology, cultural studies, and design research.

Learning how to see
Understanding people, their habits, and cultural nuances

Using a combination of sociology, cultural studies, and design research as a foundation, "People-Watching in Cafes" will document social interactions from a designer's perspective.


We provide the criteria and structure for your observations, but you're free to create your own unique approach, tailoring it to your interests and expertise.


The outcome will be an essential guide for any designer looking to gain deeper insights into people and culture for their next project.

How to contribute

Download our canvas

Get a spark for your thoughts. Ultimately, it is your observations that count

Go to a cafe

A brief visit, a power-hour or the whole afternoon: get ready for your new lens


Write down your observations, anecdotes, and experiences

Send your contribution

Submit your work and join the community

Why participate?
  • Exercise your skills for observing culture

  • Showcase your unique perspective and voice

  • Gain exposure among an audience of fellow designers and enthusiasts

  • Contribute to a comprehensive guide on cafe culture and its implications for design

  • Join a network of professionals passionate about understanding people and their habits

  • All books by The Geist Institute are professionally designed, reviewed and registered with an ISBN number in Finland. 

This project helps to bring awareness of differences and similarities among people and cultures. 
Read more about our purpose.

Bookmark and submit

Submit your observations today and help shape the future of design research! Let's embark on this journey together, exploring cafe culture and building a greater understanding of people and their diverse backgrounds.

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