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The Geist Reports


Fresh cultural insights by award-winning researchers


Understand better how people experience the world, so you can make positive impact with your new idea, project or work. 


This year we focus on Finland's cultural trends.

Why this matters Anyone who wants to make an impact in the world starts by understanding people. This is a free start for you.


What you will get  Free quarterly PDF reports with insights on Life / Emotion / Drive / Play / Belief / Identity / Habitat.

Joining is free and you will also:


  • Understand better how we (yourself included) are experiencing the technological world of today

  • Get access to content structured for clear and in-depth understanding, but brief and objective in form

  • Benefit from numerous theoretical tools to frame the identified cultural issues, such as problem-framing, How might we?What would have to be true?, futures-thinking and more

  • Learn to collaborate better with people that think alike and unlike you

  • Gain access to insights produced by diverse perspectives and transdisciplinary work

  • Get discounts in our print media and upcoming products

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Understand how we experience the world, so you can make positive impact with your ideas. 


What you get 
Free bi-monthly PDF reports on Finland's cultural trends 

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