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Innovative New Book Set to Launch in Summer 2023: Human-AI speculative design on emerging economies

For immediate release

[Helsinki, May 5, 2023] – A groundbreaking new book, Synthetic Tropic, is set to launch in Summer 2023, offering a pioneering approach for service designers, speculative designers, UX designers, and other design professionals working in emerging economies.

The book focuses on the fictional federation of Terracrux, which represents real data aggregation of Brazil, India, South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, and Turkey, providing a unique lens to explore the interplay between culture, technology, and market dynamics in these rapidly developing nations.

The innovative proposal at the heart of Synthetic Tropic is the application of a Human-AI Hybrid approach to understand and navigate the complexities of these economies. By combining the expertise of both human designers and AI-driven insights, the book empowers design professionals to identify and seize new opportunities, while minimizing risks and creating more effective, sustainable, and culturally relevant services.

"We have clustered with AI the main economies and sociocultural profiles of countries, and each of them should have their own study and book", says Sérgio Tavares, publisher of Geist Press.

With its in-depth exploration of cultural dimensions of experience, comprehensive frameworks for strategic and market analysis, and case studies on the business ecosystem, Synthetic Tropic is poised to become an essential resource for design professionals looking to make a positive impact in increasing empathy, reducing cultural barriers and starting a practice of transcultural approaches to design work.

More information on the release of Synthetic Tropic in Summer 2023, and prepare to revolutionize the way you approach design in the complex and dynamic landscape of emerging economies.

Contact information

Sérgio Tavares, PhD. / Publisher

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