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Culture, technology and our physical life

The most urgent cultural topics on body, health, technology and other vital forces

Our methodology to understand the spirit of times enables depth, diversity of thought and clarity. 


We work with seven cultural dimensions. Life focuses on our relation to health and technology.

Focus: Finland, 2023

Geist Dialogue

@ Aalto Design Factory

Feb 7, 2023


Local culture-sensitive experts with diverse backgrounds  share what they see and engage in a fishbowl debate.

What's the point? We want to report what is relevant and immediate: signals come multiple point of view from the real world.

This is the starting point for researchers to go further into the topic.


Free reports, made to be used

The information we collect will be published as our Reports.

Input from selected experts, researchers and of designers will structure the volume.

Reports include conclusions about shifts in cultural values, speculative futures, frameworks for applied insights and more.


Geist members get complete online access to our resources and a 15% discount when purchasing the paperback.

Upcoming event

Geist Voices

International call — Online Meeting

After the fishbowl debate with local culture-sensitive experts, we discuss the topics with a global community of culture-sensitive people.

What's the point? Comparing local and global perspectives gives clarity to what is happening now.

This is another layer on the material that researchers take further towards our reports.

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