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We are an independent research institute for culture, design and technology.

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Clear and usable information on how we experience the world — for free.

To do that, we have developed  our own research methods,  so we can release free, inspiring reports about what we observe.

Our purpose is simple: understanding people, so others can create impact with their ideas.

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A way of framing culture​

Cultural Dimensions

We capture signals from seven cultural dimensions, and report on each of them


This covers our health, emotions, ambitions, beliefs, fun, identity and our habitat. And it's just the beginning of it.

Current Project

The Geist Reports on Finland

Cultural dimensions






Coalition Authorship

Dialogue session
Culture sensitive experts, local

Voices session
Culture-sensitive experts, global

Insight generation
Affiliated Geist researchers, global

Design process
Affiliated Geist designers, global


Affiliated Geist advisors, global


Book collection
Vol 1. The Geist Report on Life
Vol 2. The Geist Report on Emotion
Vol 3
. The Geist Report on Drive
Vol 4
. The Geist Report on Belief
Vol 5
. The Geist Report on Play
Vol 6
. The Geist Report on Identity
Vol 7
The Geist Report on Habitat 


PDF, Print

Double-blind review


Our model of

Coalition Authorship

We listen to signals, discuss them, generate insights and turn them into fresh inspirational content. 

What makes us unique We have developed a coalition that thinks independently, but authors together — making scientific diversity our default.



The conversations we need to have

We collect signals and exchange insights between local and global culture-sensitive experts. Discussion and diversity are key, both in live and remote events.

What is new? Culture-sensitive experts bring signals from the real world, and share their observations in a safe and structured session


The Geist Reports

Brief, fresh, in-depth,  inspirational and useful. The little books you want to dive into

Global researchers bring insights, and the boards are sizzling with new connections. Designers step in to create fresh, inspirational reports about the local cultural trends.

Why it matters Research is essential to understand people. It's expensive, and often hard to use. Our reports are free and a bliss to consume.


Our Academic Research

A comparable deep-dive into cultural values, one country at a time

We are formulating a national, transdisciplinary study on cultural values. 

Why it matters We can compare how culture evolves year on year, and from country to country. Also, coalition authorship enables a valuable outcome — scientific diversity by default.

Our aim is to start with the Nordic countries.

Geist news

The latest from our team

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