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Founding team

We are researchers of digital humanities based in Finland, working in the intersection of design, technology and culture.

Geist is our personal, purpose-driven project.

Jana Pejoska

PhD Researcher | Open data, ethics & transparency in design
University of Helsinki

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Jana is a researcher in digital culture and new media design, investigating human experiences mediated by technology.

Her research discusses human-technology relations, as well as ethical design questions concerning data transparency, agency and trust. She also lectures on the cross-section of design culture, technology and philosophy, discussing Post-humanism and Speculative Design at Aalto University.

At Geist, her focus is on novel collaboration cultures and integrating diverse knowledge systems.

Jana Pejoska
Jane Vita

Jane Vita

PhD Researcher | Art & design
Aalto University

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Jane has over 20 years of practice in various design fields, such as Visual, Interaction, Service and Product Innovation and Digital Strategy Design.


Her motivation is to create meaningful dialogue between technologies, resilient and regenerative futures for a healthier planet and society.

She teaches Designing Services With Emerging Technologies at Aalto University.

At Geist, her focus is on rethink design methods to academia, the market and people.

Sérgio Tavares

Phd | Culture & Technology
Lead designer at frog Helsinki

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Sérgio is a Service Designer Lead and advisor at creative consultancy frog, using design for business-critical and strategic projects. He mentors six designers in his team.


His theory of paramedia is featured on several venues, including the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


He is an affiliated researcher at the University of Helsinki. 

At Geist, his focus is on publishing and mentoring aspiring designers.

Sergio Tavares
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