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The purposeful conversations we need to have

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Discussions on the spirit of times

Geist Dialogues are a series of purposeful conversations about today's most pressing cultural issues. 

What is the gap between how we feel and look on Instagram? How do we relate to our homes, cities and planet? What makes us feel accomplished at work?


​Our purpose is to host the conversations we need to have about the world around us.

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No size fits all: we are looking for culture-sensitive thinkers

We gather diverse experts selected by their high cultural sensibilities.


Practitioners, researchers, activists and vocal members of various communities are invited to share their points of view on our topics of interest.

We are not looking for silver bullets, consensus or compromises. Instead, we are leveraging this multitude of perspectives so that we, the public, can question our own reality.

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Our discussion invites the sharing of cultural signals, building bridges and a radically diverse landscape of ideas

We are not seeking consensus, but multitudes.

Our first session is to happen at Aalto University's Design Factory, around the topic of Life. More on this event at the dedicated page.


Our discussion will go to bookstores and beyond.

Each Dialogue will be published as a separate book. In addition to distilled insights from the sessions, our volumes are enriched with content that supports anyone's journey for more awareness about the debated issues.

The books also feature contributors' profiles, selected previous works, directly citable content, clusters of interest in our current, conclusions about the shifts in our cultural values, speculative futures for the topic, and more.


Geist members get complete online access to our resources and a 15% discount when purchasing the paperback.

Geist Dialogues

Have something to say?

This is your chance.

Seven dialogues, seven topics. A multitude of perspectives

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We are calling thinkers, doers, activists, enthusiasts and other people with high cultural sensibilities — for a big, honest conversation.

Our criteria is not technical knowledge — we are looking for those who observe people and sense the culture unfolding.


Geist Dialogues happen monthly, and the organising committee selects up to 30 participants through open calls for each dialogue. 

Choose your topic of interest and sign up!


Each Dialogue





Up to 30 active participants

Unlimited (online)
One online, one live per topic
Design Factory at Aalto University
Life, Identity, Emotion, Drive, Belief, Play, Habitat

1 Dialogue per month

Fishbowl, collaboration
PDF, Print book

Geist Dialogues

The Topics

Seven dialogues, seven topics. A multitude of perspectives

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The way we relate to body, health, nourishment and physical life

Here we discuss our relation to our body, our notions of health and wellness, the way we nourish ourselves — food, dietary habits, cultural restrictions, the health and societal impact of our food choices.


We debate exercise as culture, as a motivator, and as peer-pressure; the way we experience, today, the process of aging, and even the idea of death.

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Work, money, fame or purpose?

What makes us feel accomplished? Why do we get up in the morning, join the next Teams meeting or hop into the commuter train? And why are some meetings painful and demotivating, while some are incredibly inspiring?

This session discusses how we experience ambition, aspirations at work, career goals, what guides our sense of achievement, what is our relationship to the purpose of our day to day activities, what is self-fulfillment and the measure of what is enough.

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The many ways of being you

The way we perceive ourselves has always been historical and contextual, but few cultural constructs have undergone so much change in the past years than identity.

How do we even define ourselves, today? Our social status, our professional achievements, our family roles, our sexuality and gender, our cultural heritage and our pronouns. With so many parameters to define oneself, are we limiting who we are or opening more possibilities of expression?

In this session we debate identity, or what it means to you to be yourself.

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The matters of the heart

How is Tinder affecting dating? How did incels get radicalized? What is the How do are we conceiving new forms of relationships? Are we more or less empathic towards each other? Is friendship any different today than before?


How have our needs for affection changed after Covid, and how war and economical crisis may further affect them? These and others matters of the heart are to be addressed in this session.

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Can we choose what to believe?

Beliefs are complex sets of values, blending traditional and contemporary culture into our own personal value scheme.


Beliefs are concerned with what is true, what is real and what we can believe in — from trust in the media, in vaccines or religious faith. No knowledge sticks if not guided by belief.


This essential part of daily life is, to a great extent, out of our own control: we rarely choose what to believe or what to doubt. We just do. This conversation opens the question, reflecting an acute need of solid belief systems in times of fake news, science-denial and war.

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The serious conversation about having fun

We are hardwired to have playful interactions with other beings. The entertainment industry is bustling with innovation —  from 3D gaming to the newest streaming service, the options are endless.


The biggest competitor of Netflix is sleep. What does that tell about our way of getting entertained? Are we having fun, coping with stress, avoiding the feeling of loneliness or just getting distracted?

Our dive is now on play: how we play with one another, how we play games, or simply how we push play and sit back. At what measure is play only fun and games?

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What feels like home?

The term habitat originates from Latin, and goes back to habere, "to have or own." We own our homes, but can we say we own the planet?

What is essential for living is contextual and deeply personal. No single definition will describe what we expect from rooms, homes, neighborhoods, cities, countries or from our relationship with nature.

In times of deep concerns towards our environment, the future of cities and the state of our planet, our conversation takes a deep dive into the way we inhabit the spaces on the planet — and how they inhabits us.

Geist Dialogues

Open call: Life

We are accepting participants for our upcoming Dialogue session

Open call: Life


Join the conversation about the most urgent cultural topics on body, health, physicality and other vital forces.

Feb 07, 2023

Aalto Design Factory

Betonimiehenkuja 5C, 02150 Espoo

Application deadline
15 December, 2022