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Global voices, local spirits

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Image by charlesdeluvio

Geist Voices are a series of online discussions about the spirit of times.

While our live Dialogues are local, our program for Voices is global. 

We favor diversity of perspectives, inviting culture-sensitive experts and researchers to debate the cultural dimensions of our framework.

Work in progress

We are still building the functionality for our Voices program.
Stay tuned!

Voices are heard, and published

Voice conversations will inspire insight for our thematic publications. 


In addition to distilled insights from both Dialogues and Voices sessions, our volumes are enriched with multiple rounds of insight-sharing with local and global researchers.


Geist members get complete online access to our resources and a 15% discount when purchasing the paperback.


Interested in joining our Voices in contributing some other way?

Hit the button to check all our open calls, or join as a subscriber.

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