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Culture, technology and our physical life
Call for Participation

Geist Dialogues: Life

Feb 07, 2023

Aalto Design Factory

Betonimiehenkuja 5C, 02150 Espoo

Applications closed

Join the conversation about the most urgent cultural topics on body, health, physicality and other vital forces

Geist Dialogues are not like a conference.


We have developed our own methodology by mixing academic processes, design techniques and radical diversity to enable conversation, collaboration and insight.

Our first session will be on Life, and will enable conversations about our relation to our body, mind, health and physicality.

We are now looking for participants to join the conversation.​

Co-working space

Life, discussed

Among other subtopics, those will be addressed:

  • Our notions of health and well-being, mental and physical, and what it means to feel good or be healthy

  • Our relation to technology and nature, and how these may conflict or support one another

  • The health and societal impact of our food choices, such as the carbon footprint and a potential new morality of food

  • The implications of body positivity, active lifestyle positivity, cultures of exercise and fitness: a motivator, a process of fitting-in, an object of peer-pressure

  • The way we experience, today, the process of aging, illness, and the idea of death

  • And other related discussion points.

Co-working space
Co-working space

We are looking for thinkers and doers with high cultural sensibilities — and who want to be heard! 

There is not a restrictive criteria for participation, as long as you are able to bring part of the zeitgeist — that, is the spirit of times, the culture we are living in — into the conversation.

You may be a practitioner at a specific trade, a specialised professional, an academic researcher, a community leader, an activist or a representative of certain minority. We are looking for the good trouble of radical diversity.

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Co-working space
Image by Timon Studler

Examples that may be a good fit for participation


  • Students whose methodological queries and specific questions pertain the way we feel about health, technology and psychological states

  • Researchers who have interesting empirical data about cultural trends in health and technology

  • Designers, consultants, market researchers working directly with user needs, internet culture, consumer trends and other behavioral observations at scale

  • Small, medium and big entrepreneurs dealing with related topics of health, well-being, nutrition, fitness and related industries

  • Psychologists, nutritionists, sport coaches with strong practice in dieting, exercise, sports and physical activity

  • Nature, outdoors, hiking and active lifestyle enthusiasts with a proven track of engagement or leadership

  • Nurses, doctors, pediatricians, health professionals, care givers and other activities directed related to wide public observation

  • Other professions or activities that relate to wide audiences in related topics.


In doubt? Write us, you may fit the profile!


What will participants get out of it?

Hopefully, quite a lot! Some of the main takeaways for those participating:

  • Learn a practical dialogue framework for inclusive and fruitful discussion,

  • Become familiar with a strong network of like-minded experts in adjacent fields of your own

  • Have your Dialogue contribution published in our publications, both in print and as online, without need of extra writing

  • Include your previous research (if you have some) in our reading material, and have it cited in our 

  • Participate in our roadshow, in podcasts, news appearances, workshops and masterclasses

  • Access to data from our upcoming research projects

  • Develop your insights into further research on our upcoming research projects

  • Spell out your truth: no judgement!

Image by Scott Webb


To apply for the upcoming event, fill out this form.
We will evaluate your profile and get back to you with a confirmation by January 12th, 2023.

Your information will not be commercialized in any way, and we do not use it for remarketing purposes.


We are GDPR-compliant: if you want to have your data removed from our database, write us asking so.

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We have developed our methodology by mixing Academic processes of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing with design techniques that enable conversation, collaboration and insight.

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