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Our reports offer an opportunity for global thinkers to make a contribution to the topics they are passioned about. 

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Inspired by how we feel

Our first volume is about how contemporary technology affects our broad idea of love and emotional attachments. Pair bonding, sex, friendship, kinship, empathy, cross-species affection, our affection towards things, the love of the self, and more.

Geist will run a base survey in five Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland) to investigate the current state of these affairs in light of contemporary technology. If contributors want to participate in the survey composition, they are welcome to do so.

Contributors will get access to secondary research from exclusive, proprietary reports on global markets and trends.

Furthermore, selected works from contributors will be brought into the collaboration board for analysis.

How it works

Signing up

Submit your application, stating your name, title and affiliation. Include also brief description of your research or design interests.

Collaboration space

Upon acceptance, you will receive a link to the project Slack and Miro board. Everything happens there.


Miro works asynchronously — that is, in your own pace and when you have the time and headspace for it.


Slack works like a chat, whenever needed to whoever available.


The mediator will send you updates via Miro about what is the current task. Tasks may take 15 to 30 days for completion, depending on the participants availability.

It seems dire, but it's not. All tasks are snackable, that is, they can be completed in a few minutes and do not require much preparation or homework.

  1. Onboarding

  2. Insights

  3. Affinities

  4. Societal issues identification

  5. Aspirations

  6. How might we...?

  7. Best outcomes

  8. Requirements

  9. Obstacles

  10. Speculative unfolding

  11. Scenario building

  12. Inspiration: A balanced view

Kick-off and Check-ins 

We may get kick-off discussions, check-in sharing sessions and other contributions as the group prefers — Slack or Google Hangouts, it all depends on the group dynamics. But they are not mandatory. The important thing: to work individually or collaboratively towards the same goal.

Call for Entries
now open

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