How it works

Geist unites design methodologies, market trends and Academic research to create beautiful reports. We inspire those who study the human heart — and make an impact in the world.


There is a lot more to it, but we may summarize our process in three steps:

Research. We start with new research: regional surveys and ethnography. We also bring in curated research from accredited sources and the Academic world.

Creation. In an interactive Miro board, we use design methodologies to bring new perspectives to life. Everything happens according to each one's availability and interest. And everyone gets credit for the publication. 


Publication. We design a visually compelling narrative in digital and print reports. There is new information, new connections and a lot of questions to spark thinking, critique and sense-making of the world.

It is a change in how we build professional and academic knowledge.

It is a change in how we collaborate with diverse perspectives.

It is a change in how we conceive the lifecycle of ideas.

Needs and opportunities

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Open Magazine

Technology is often covered in media with a lenient, all-accepting prism — until it's too late. The opportunity is to generate a publication that evens out tech-enthusiasm, boarding the upcoming wave of accountability that tech companies mishaps has ignited.

Opportunities for researchers to adopt their own publications to Academic courses, to get published and cited  on a publication with adherence to theoretical and professional audiences.

Complex and high-priced research is brought to the public, in a curated and distilled fashion. Partners may eventually provide exclusive data, intel and consultation for contributors.

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For market professionals, unpacking the insights from the collaboration may mean collaboration opportunities with Universities, Academic courses and other forms of education.

For those seeking to create social impact, a format that empowers with curated trends and inspires with powerful questions for sense-making of the world.

Cross-pollination between Academics and market professionals opens up opportunities for both.