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New report: 2024-2034 foresight on the Nordic health

The experience foresight for Nordic health and technology

Futures foresight on how we experience the world.
This is a designerly approach to market trends, cultural signals, systemic design, postphenomenology and advanced AI analysis to better understand our technological experiences of health and well-being.

Expert perspectives, case studies, active investors and companies in the field and 50+ insights on what the future may bring to designers, innovators and strategists.


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€9.90 Kindle Edition, free for Kindle Unlimited

€14.90 Paperback on Amazon, available worldwide.


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New report! 2024-2034 foresight on the Nordic Digital Health

Included in the report

Market growth analysis: Grounded in current market studies from industry-standard reliable sources

Cultural Signals: Insights from cultural signals from global sources and local leaders and culture-sensitive experts

Ecosystem Analysis: Understanding the Nordic region's dynamics, including advanced data analysis about the most proactive and innovative players in the region

Openness to Experience: Using post-phenomenology analysis and synthetic data to understand our experience of technology 

Futures Headlights: Multiple scenarios for innovation, from dystopias to utopias, and actionable suggestions for growth areas.

Requests from the Future 50+ insights about what companies may (or should) be asking from creative minds in the upcoming years.

Free PDF download 

€9.90 Kindle Edition, free for Kindle Unlimited

€14.90 Paperback on Amazon, available worldwide.


We are an independent research institute specializing in culture, design, and technology.

Our mission is to provide actionable insights to strategists, product owners, service designers, and innovators for a more integrated society.

The Geist Reports

Nordic region, 2024–2034

Each report features market research, cultural signals and strategic foresight in six dimensions of our experience of technology: health, work and study, access to information, self-concept and identity, entertainment, interpersonal relationships and the way we inhabit spaces.

Values we live by


We work with proven methodologies and validated references and of cultural trends and market drivers

Diversity is a strategy

Multiple communities contributing bring vibrant outcomes to content. We strive to avoid current structures of power

Made for real-life challenges

Real-world consulting frameworks to develop your own strategic approach — and make real impact in the world

Human-AI collaborative


We don't repel, but mindfully embrace the hybrid of A.I. imagination and human creativity

Speculative imagination

Speculative scenarios are combined with the latest AI models, to give you that brain itch that gets things going

A self-aware society

Our projects contribute to more self-aware and integrated society

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